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Bingwa Legend

Bingwa LegendJust like any other morning, the sun rose majestically over "Mighty Hills", which were the source of "River Wellness". This river was so sacred that only a high priest was allowed to drink from it. The people of "Mighty Village" believed it was the meeting place of the gods. In fact, the five elements of the world;

earth – heart – wind - water and fire

occasionally met there to discuss matters involving the universe. That morning was one of those days. The five elements were troubled about the current degradation of the universe. They agreed that the only way they could save the universe was through the children, who were pure at heart and capable of the task. The elements had a problem though. They needed a leader to rally the children for this mission. "This leader must be balanced in all ways possible,"
they thought. They then created Bingwa, the Champion.

Bingwa is a careful blend of the earth's nobility, the heart's purity, the wind's strength, the water's tranquility and finally, the fire's intensity. With this, Bingwa was sent forth to guide the children to fight corruption in Africa and